A review of our October 19, 2017 concert on The Phoenix Concerts, N.Y.C. by ASCAP’s Michael Spudic:

West Coast New Music Scene Aims Eastward as Panic Duo Captivates NYC

October 23, 2017

(l-r) Gilda Lyons (ASCAP member, The Phoenix Concerts Artistic Director), Nic Gerpe (pianist), Pasha Tseitlin (violinist) and ASCAP's Michael Spudic

(l-r) Gilda Lyons (ASCAP member & The Phoenix Concerts Artistic Director), Nic Gerpe, Pasha Tseitlin, ASCAP’s Michael Spudic

Fortunate New York new music fans were treated to another instance of the two coasts blending together at a most musical level, with a wonderfully stimulating October evening of contemporary music from Panic Duo. Based in Los Angeles and consisting of violinist Pasha Tseitlin and pianist Nic Gerpe, the dynamic duo visited New York City through a collaboration with The Phoenix Concerts, bringing with them an exciting program featuring highly original music of our time. With a further built-in agenda, the violin-piano team introduced Manhattan’s Upper West Side to the music of Juhi Bansal, Sara Graef and Vera Ivanova, three West Coast ASCAP composers worthy of wider cross-country recognition. Also on the program were works by eminent Scottish-American composer Thea Musgrave (PRS) and Pulitzer Prize-winning ASCAP composer Jennifer Higdon.


A review of our February 18, 2018 concert at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, by Paul Muller of Sequenza21:

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